Saturday,18th March, Vedic Kundli Forecasts (Rashi Phal) 2017

Aries-  You could hit a slightly challenging patch with a loved one over a matter that needs to be handled delicately. Turn a wise, experienced friend for advice and avoid the drama queens, who will only stir the pot. Go do something independently this weekend stepping away could give you more perspective. Remember: All relationships have their twists and turns. Hitting a speed bump is par for the course and quite possibly the entrance ramp to a deeper level of intimacy.
Taurus- Subdued energy reminds you that there are ways to share what you're passionate about without clubbing people over the head with it. A restrained delivery could get people to listen to you with more interest. They know you as someone who gets excited about a lot of things, and perhaps you've earned a bit of a rep for "crying wolf."
Gemini-  Sagittarius moon sets the stage for serious bonding. You'll want to give a certain someone your undivided attention. Skip the crowded brunch lines and take a picnic to a park bench, or spread out the blanket on your living room floor for an indoor fete. Single? If you've exhausted the dating apps, go meet someone in real time. Close friends could make the introduction. Be proactive and see if they might know someone worthy of fixing you up with. It never hurts to ask.
Cancer- Sunday is excellent for research and concentrating on the details of a project. Get yourself organized, outline your tasks and focus all your energy on starting the upcoming workweek ready to play ball. Squeeze in some exercise and maybe a massage.
Leo- This day brings another hall pass to go let your hair down and play. The adventurous Sagittarius moon activates your fifth house of pampering, passion and pure love. Shopping, brunch, a museum date: Why not? You work hard, Leo, and a day of decadent indulgence keeps your productivity tanks filled. Single? You'll attract quite the audience while you're just "doing you." Pay attention to who's catching your eye because Cupid is on your side!
Virgo- Lean on your inner circle for support this day. Maybe you're feeling strapped for cash or resources or just in need of some TLC and a pep talk. Hey Virgo: Everyone needs a boost now and then, something your generous sign knows well because you’re usually on the giving end. If you don't feel like asking for a loan, look for ways to save by having potluck dinners with relatives or sharing a family cell phone plan. Job hunting? Perhaps you just need a little encouragement and emotional support to boost your confidence.
Libra- Communicate a more serious, subdued side of yourself on Sunday. Instead of interrupting people or jumping into a conversation that you know very little about, take the time to listen and learn. It's not a competition, and you have nothing to prove. It's okay to ask a thoughtful question or even admit that you don't know something. People will appreciate your genuine interest
Scorpio-  Instead of skipping brunch, meet friends for yoga or a bike ride and combine your social urges with your fitness goals. People buoy your productivity! If you're feeling run-down on Sunday, there's a remedy for that: Simplify your life. Build in some new routines, like eating, waking up and sleeping at the same general times. The better you can stick to a schedule, the more grounded you'll feel.
Sagittarius- The Sagittarius moon reminds you that the people you surround yourself with can either inspire you or bring you down. It's time to upgrade your standards for friendship, Sag. Spend quality time with the ones who motivate you to be your best self. When you hang around complainers, your dreams can seem silly and small. When you're in the company of go-getters and accomplished folk, it feels like the world is your oyster…and it is!
Capricorn- Take steps toward releasing a self-sabotaging habit. No one said this would be easy. If it were, our culture wouldn't be filled with addictions, credit card debt and other permutations of unaddressed pain. However, if you take it slow and steady, you can replace your self-destructive patterns with healthy new ones. Avoid deprivation and seek out people who are working toward the same goal. Support from a Facebook group or a local meetup can buoy your confidence big- time.
Aquarius- Make your points clearly but focus on moving ahead. Emphasize what you love about this person and your relationship instead of pointing out flaws. It can help to approach these dialogues with a few creative solutions in mind. But more important than anything: listen, without interrupting! It'll be tempting to laugh at a friend's wild stories on Sunday, but you may also sense that there's pain under the jokes and outrageous antics.
Pisces-  A stars bring an important reminder: Intimacy doesn't happen overnight. You have a talent for creating a close-knit atmosphere in mere seconds. But that doesn't mean you've truly bonded for life or that you've found people you can trust. Pace yourself in conversations with new friends, sharing some personal data without exposing a closet full of skeletons.If you're meeting a date, an air of mystery can be seductive as long as you're not being a completely closed book.