Friday,27th January, Vedic Kundli Forecasts (Rashi Phal) 2017

Goals! Goals! Goals! Today's Aquarius new moon invites you to dream without limits. Where would you like to be in six months' time? What would you like to have accomplished? Get the manifestation ball rolling. This lunar light could also bring a wave of fresh faces into your world. Keep expanding your social network and trying new experiences on for size. If you've got an online venture in development (or still in your imagination), kick it up a notch and you'll be soaring in no time. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Out with the manic Monkey, in with the meticulous Rooster.

You're movin’ on up, Taurus! Today's new moon in Aquarius, your tenth house of ambitions, accelerates your ascent up the ladder. Even if your lofty goals aren't doable in their current form, don't abandon them. It may simply be a case of paring down to a more basic 1.0 plan. Create a solid foundation that you can easily build on later. If your work doesn't bring you joy, reach out to your social network for leads. But if your skills could use some beefing up, avail yourself to an accomplished person in your field. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Welcome the sharp-eyed and strategic Fire Rooster.

The sky's the limit, Gemini! Today's new moon in Aquarius and your expansive ninth house could propel you into terra nova. Your indie spirit is now at the wheel, so let it lead you to distant lands or mind-opening experiences. Collect some stamps on your passport, advance your education, turn that brainchild into a moneymaking venture. Today is also the Chinese New Year: Out with the rowdy Monkey, in with the fastidious Fire Rooster.

You sexy thing! Today's skies feature a new moon in Aquarius and your smoldering eighth house, amping up your magnetic mojo. Are you in a relationship that's been progressively deepening? You could take a concrete step to make it official. If you've been struggling with someone who can't make a firm commitment, it's ultimatum time. This lunar light also paves the way for impressive moneymaking opportunities. Invest today, and you could cash in big by the corresponding full moon in six months. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Enter the fastidious Fire Rooster!

It takes two to make a thing go right. Today's Aquarius new moon sparks your seventh house of partnerships and your desire for a real commitment. Romance could move into “official” territory, and longtime couples get a reboot. In business, a collaborative venture or contract negotiation could pick up speed. Explore all kinds of synergies: Things could reach dynamic duo status in the coming six months. Today also kicks off the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster—a meticulous new cycle that can help promising ventures take shape.

Unroll your yoga mat, Virgo. Today's new moon in Aquarius electrifies your sixth house of healthy living, launching a six-month phase of increased vitality. Take the first steps toward clean eating, regular fitness routines or forming a positive new habit. Don't try to do it perfectly. Establish a sustainable routine in the name of creating long-lasting results. Today also begins the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster, which is associated with the Western sign of Virgo—an especially promising cycle for you.

Your love life gets a cosmic shot of mojo, courtesy of a new moon in Aquarius and your passion sector. Single? Never mind waiting for The One to right-swipe you. Slide into the driver's seat and seek out promising prospects. Your efforts could be amorously rewarded by the corresponding full moon in August. Fame could also come knocking under this new moon. Be proactive and make sure the world is aware of all the awesomeness you have to offer. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Bid adieu to the manic Monkey and welcome the fastidious Fire Rooster.

There's no place like home! Today's Aquarius new moon in your domestic fourth house beams into Chateau Scorpio. Besides ensuring you have at least one little corner you can call your own, you'll be inspired to feather your haven with brand-new decorative touches. If you're looking to move, pore over the real estate listings—the place of your dreams could emerge. A powerful woman or mother figure could assume a stronger role in the next two weeks. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Fire Rooster!

Today's Aquarius new moon revs up your communication house, sparking synergies with like-minded people. Seize the day and join forces on a trial project. Your combined efforts could reach a high point by the corresponding full moon in August. If a course or workshop related to writing, media or DIY skills catches your eye, sign up asap. Today is also the Chinese New Year. Enter the fastidious Fire Rooster, an energy that could at times feel irritatingly picky but can also help you hone a craft.

Money mojo, incoming! Today's new moon in Aquarius electrifies your second house of finances, launching a six-month cycle of prosperity. Get clear on what you'd like to accomplish during this lunar-powered phase, and put an action plan in place. Use this lunar light to advance your ambitions, and you could reap the rewards by the corresponding full moon in August. Today also begins the Chinese New Year. You'll prefer the meticulous new energy of the Fire Rooster to the intensity of the outgoing Monkey year.

Hello, cosmic fresh start! Today's skies feature a new moon in Aquarius, marking your "official" new year. Add some momentum to your 2017 resolutions by investing in your grand goals and giving them your all. By the time the corresponding Aquarius full moon—a lunar eclipse—rolls around on August 7, your star could be shining brighter than ever. Today also begins the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster, a sharp-eyed cycle that ensures you don't skip a single important detail.


What's passed its expiration date in your life, Pisces? It's time to let it go. Today's Aquarius new moon activates your twelfth house of release and healing. Shut the door on past pain. Whether a self-destructive behavior or a toxic relationship, you now feel prepared to remove it from your life. You might want to cut off all ties, but cold turkey usually isn't successful. View it as a process—one that lasts until the corresponding full moon on August 7. Today also begins the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster, a more sensible cycle than last year's reactive Monkey mania!