Sunday,29th January, Vedic Kundli Forecasts (Rashi Phal) 2017

1)  ARIES:-
The moon will shift into Pisces on Sunday, making the next couple days a bit sleepy. Pace yourself, Ram: This cycle lasts six weeks, so there's no need to rush. The red planet has been slogging through Pisces and your foggy twelfth house since December 19, making it hard to focus and stay energized. Well, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, Aries, because you're about to get lit on fire! Use this mojo reboot to get your plans back on track. Promote yourself and toot your own horn more.If you see someone backing away from you, that's your cue to tone it down.

2)  TAURUS:-
On Sunday the moon visits Pisces, putting you in the mood for stimulating company. By facing your worst fears, hang-ups and limiting beliefs courageously, you can actually heal them. Awareness, while painful at times, will help you live your best life in the long run. So as tempting as it may be, don’t throw any pity parties just yet. Instead, engage in catharsis: write, dance, stretch, primal scream…whatever it takes for release. And hey, no need to isolate yourself.

3)  GEMINI:-
Mars has been in Pisces and your career zone since December 19, and work has been extra demanding. With Mars now in your lively house of networking, it's time to combine work with play. But the transition won't be instant. With the moon slipping into Pisces on Sunday, the next couple days could find you wrapping up a major work project before you go celebrate.Your enthusiasm might not be brimming with common sense. Get grounded, even by literally placing your feet on the floor and taking time to breathe.

4)  CANCER:-
The moon moves into Pisces and your adventurous ninth house on Sunday, beckoning you to indulge in some blue-sky thinking or take a spontaneous day trip. Haven't made any winter travel plans yet? Explore the options and grab a last-minute deal.When you break down your goals into manageable steps, anything is possible. Think big, but stay diligent! Before you put your nose to the grindstone, enjoy a little "grand finale" adventure. once you get to work, inching your way up strategically and sticking to a master plan.

5)  LEO:-
you may be more antsy than usual, needing to bust loose of constraints. In both love and work, try to avoid knee-jerk reactions to being fenced in. Use your trademark bluntness to clear the air during this outspoken cycle (e.g., “I get the hives when you talk about marriage on our third date”). Make your free-spiritedness work for you by taking productive risks. Is it time to launch that business or buy that round-the-world plane ticket? This is prime time to explore your options.

6)  VIRGO:-
Things could get ugly with Mars in this possessive and jealous zone, so take care not to be vengeful. Channel that energy into some lusty pursuits if you can. With the red planet in your steamy eighth house, your libido is on fire. Giving yourself room to explore your erotic side (even before you invite your love into the boudoir) can actually be healing. Slow down, Virgo…and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign. A permanent bond could get fast-tracked, whether for love or business.

7)  LIBRA:-
you may come to the end of your rope and demand an answer: Are they in or out? Coupled Libras could argue over small stuff that escalates. Either way, it’s a sign that you need to release tension. Hashing it out is clarifying—and if someone can’t accept your true self, you may wind up rethinking the union. Working it through in the bedroom can be a good strategy with sultry Mars in effect. Solo Libras could get serious about finding a partner. Luckily Mars imbues you with confidence and swagger, making you extra attractive to prospects with long-term potential.

The only person you’re competing with is yourself. Make today’s pigeon pose (or lifting session) a little better than yesterday’s…and you’re off to a good start. And before you go all in, enjoy one last hit of decadence. On Sunday the moon slips into Pisces and your indulgent fifth house for a couple days. Polish off one last hearty stack of French toast with mimosas before you start that gluten or alcohol detox. Don’t overextend yourself, as accident-prone Mars could lead to a workout-related injury, like a strained muscle.

As Mars blazes into your passionate and playful fifth house until March 9. Use this period to make headway on a creative project or romantic relationship. Splurge on a bold new look and make an effort to glam up more, especially since the spotlight may find you. Express yourself boldly but watch for drama. On Sunday the moon slips into Pisces and your cozy fourth house, making it hard to resist the call of your bed and a day puttering around in pajamas.

10)        CAPRICORN:-
A renovation project might go awry: The construction crew shows up early or hanging wallpaper proves harder than it looked in that HGTV video tutorial. Tensions could mount with family, especially a female relative. Disperse this stressful energy through productive physical outlets, such as setting up a home gym or just getting out of the house more (bonus points if it's for exercise!). During this time, schedule more massages and Epsom salt baths than usual. Magnesium and anything else that releases muscle tension can also be helpful.

11)        AQUARIUS:-
With your open mind, you stand to make a lot of allies. Drop any self-serving agendas at the door, though; people can sniff inauthenticity a mile away. On Sunday the moon moves into Pisces, bringing one last burst of productivity. Pay some bills, handle an outstanding task, organize your schedule—and be sure to leave plenty of open calendar space for enriching hobbies and quality time with friends.

12)        PISCES:-

The red planet is now in your work and money zone, so get down to brass tacks by focusing on your income and career goals. Come up with creative solutions to budget issues, like applying for a side gig or raising your rates. Stick to your financial plan, even if it means letting someone down or not picking up the check. Your self-esteem comes from the awareness that you really CAN take care of yourself. Flex those self-sufficient muscles. On Sunday the moon moves into your sign for a couple days giving you a burst of inspiration to start a new project or assert yourself.